preserving the past for our future

Next Monthly Meeting & Potluck

When:     Thursday, August 16th

Where:    2370 Stanley Ave (Larry's Home)

Times:     5:00 - 6:00pm Potluck & Social time (optional)

                6:00pm  Meeting begins

                7:00-7:30  Coffee & Dessert

                7:30  Clean-up then - GO HOME  :-)


     1) Introductions

     2) President's report

          a) Request to appoint interim president

          b) Take Nominees from members

          c) Membership vote

     3) Financial Report & Update - Judie Johnsen

     4) Approval of Minutes

     5) Events

          a) Pancake Breakfast coming soon - Sat.,  Sept 29th

               i)  Appoint Committee / Assign duties / Weekly Meetings

               ii) Flyers, Ticket sales, Raffle Prizes, Gift Cards, Sponsors,

     6)  New Library Project

               i)  History Wall Project update

               ii)  History Room Equipment

               iii)  David Ferarri / Mayor exhibit project update

               iv) Past Perfect Museum software / examples / costs /

               v)  City requests for exhibit plans / Pride Building storage/catalog of artifacts

     7)  Request for Hilltop History during local run - see attachment

     8)  Membership comments

     9)  Adjourn

To help keep order, please follow these simple rules:

Speaker does presentation without interuptions

Items not on the Agenda may be brought up under membership comments,

     however, they are not open for Board discussions.

for more meeting information call Larry at 562.208.0040